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Research & Development Initiative

at the riverside theatre

Have a play you’re working on? A musical composition? A rough cut of a film? A burgeoning dance company or chamber orchestra? Perhaps the most persistent and basic challenge to producing and developing new work is finding affordable, well-equipped, clean, and accessible rehearsal spaces and performance venues—especially in New York City. But before you spend a bunch of creative energy figuring out how to crowdfund, or apply for a grant (or before you start looking for more affordable spaces out of town), consider this:

R&D @ TRT is making space for you.

Wherever you are in the development process, we can make space where you can take your work to the next level. R&D @ TRT provides subsidized access for underrepresented voices to use our fully-equipped, fully-staffed, 250-seat, proscenium theater.

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The historic Riverside Church in Morningside Heights built a theatre on site in 1960. Known then simply as The Theatre at the Riverside Church, the facility was founded upon the belief that the arts are a transforming power in peoples’ lives. We are still dedicated to that fundamental belief.

At the Riverside Theater many hands go into making each performance, screening or reading memorable. Whatever the event, our amazing staff our here to help you. Feel free to explore our A-Team. We can’t wait for you to join us at TRT for your next event.

Our 250 seat theatre is fully equipped and staffed to host all sorts of artistic events. Rent our space to present your next play, musical, opera, recital, dance concert, orchestral performance, film screening, or whatever new performance art you can imagine. We’re accessible in all senses of the word.


An Intentional

Arts Space


TRT serves New York City as a venue for theatrical, musical, dance, and film presentationsamplifying essential stories, and providing equitable access to the voices that tell them.