Our Equipment


Lighting Inventory:


The theater offers standard REP Plot for front, back, side, top and back lighting. Our console has an ETC ion 1024 channel and SR48 ETC Sensor Racks. TRT comes with a Lighting Designer, clients can also have the option to bring their own LD and can use the REP Plot. If any changes need to be made to the REP Plot, it will be an additional cost and must be discussed with the Production Manager.


Sound Inventory:


TRT is equipped with a 32 channel digital console (Yamaha LS9), QSC Front of House System, wedge monitors, and overhead speakers for dance monitors. The theater also has a Mac Pro with QLab 4, a NEC PA621X projector, and wired clearcom headsets. A full locker of microphones for any application and up to eight channels of wireless are available upon request. An Audio Engineer is supplied for all performances, and the sound system must be run or supervised by house staff. . Any additions or changes will need to be discussed with the Production Manager.


Scene Shop:


We’ve got a small scene shop with all the basics so you can install, finish, and repair any scenery.